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Have you found yourself in some type of Conflict? Is this conflict effecting the way you live your life?
It might be family, work, or even neighbours. Port Macquarie Mediation Services can help you resolve any type of conflict.


Port Macquarie’s Family Dispute Resolution and Family Mediation Specialists

Are you separated / Divorced?
Are you constantly arguing and can’t agree?
Does it seem as though there’s no end in sight?
Are there children caught in the middle?

Regardless of your situation, we can help.

Family breakdown is an emotional and difficult time for not only adults but also for your children. When this breakdown is complicated by conflict such as arguing over children or property people can feel trapped which can have a long term negative impact on all involved.

With the services offered by Port Macquarie Mediation Services our Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner can guide the parties through the family mediation process with the aim of avoiding long drawn out and expensive Family Law Court processes.

We aim to get you communicating more effectively, work out arrangements for your children and help with your property settlement, while helping you to live a more harmonious life.


What is Family Dispute Resolution?

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is the legal term used to describe services that help people who are experiencing or may experience separation or divorce resolve all or some of their disputes. FDR can help you to agree on a range of issues relating to property, money, and most importantly – your children.

Family Mediation

Family Mediation is one form of FDR. Family mediation is the process used by a Practitioner to help parents resolve issues relating to their children. These issues may include who the children will live with, when the children will spend time with the other parent, which school the children will attend, what extra-curricular activities the children attend, who pays for what, how the children will communicate with each parent, how the parents will communicate and the list goes on.

Family Mediation is designed to save parents long drawn out expensive Family Law Court processes which leave all family members drained and often leave parents feeling as though they are not in control of how their children will be raised.

What does going to through the Family Law Court look like compared to Mediation?


Asset agreements / Property settlement

Have you separated therefore need to sort out who gets what? Did you know you don’t have to go to court to determine how your property, assets and debts are divided?

Port Macquarie Mediation Services can help you and your ex work out an agreement which is more timely and saves you both expensive court costs.


Parent – Adolescent

Are you finding it difficult to resolve family issues with your teenager? Are you in constant conflict? Has your home become an unpleasant environment?

Parent – Adolescent Mediation brings you together to work through the conflict and differences with an aim of preventing family breakdown.

Conflict Resolution

Workplace Mediation
Neighbour Disputes
Extended Family Disputes
General Conflict Resolution

Relationship Advice

Are you and your partner having issues which are causing you to question whether you want to be together anymore? Not sure which way to turn?

We can help bring you together to discuss the issues and look at strategies to resolve these issues.